Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Science Leadership Academy

I was able to visit the Science Leadership Academy yesterday in Philadelphia, PA and enjoyed every minute of it! The SLA was founded four years ago by Chris Lehman (click here)and has a very similar concept as BCS. The SLA has gained nation wide recognition for its inquiry based teaching and learning and 21st century pedagogy. BCS was founded 15 years ago on these very principles and we continue to move forward in adapting to the learners of today! I learned many things yesterday but what was most exciting is the fact that the visit reaffirmed that BCS was and continues to be a beacon of hope in the world of education!!

Click here to go to the SLA website

There were three main points I took away from the visit:

1. Technology must be like oxygen- invisible but we need it. Its not about the tools but rather about what we are doing with the tools.

2. We must continue to empower our students (and teachers.)They must have ownership in their learning (and teaching).

3. Know what you are doing right and know what you are doing well- This Will drive where you go in the future.

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