Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BCS Student Shines!

Luke Tyrrell spoke at the optimist breakfast last week on Cyber Communications. He did an awesome job and his speech was very thoughtful and inspiring! You may watch his speech by clicking the YouTube link above.
His speech is below!

Luke is a 4th grade student at BCS in Mrs. Davis' class.

Good Morning! My name is Luke Tyrrell and I am in Mrs. Davis’s 4th grade class at Birmingham Covington School. I love computers and I use them everyday at my school. I have a class called Ed. Tech where I learn new things every week. I am learning new tools such as the Wiki, Blog and Moodle. My school, BCS uses a lot of different technologies.
Cyber Communications or technology to me means computers, cell phones, my DS, my Wii and my I pod. These are all positive or good things. With my computer, it can help me do my homework. I do my Spelling Quiz on the computer. I can play games like “Fun Brain.” I can go on Moodle. I can type emails to Mom and Dad, Mrs. Larson and Mrs. D. I can type my reports.

With a cell phone, I can call Mom and Dad, my brother Danny, and my Grandma’s and Grandpas.

With my DS and Wii I can play really fun games!! My favorite games are Super Mario, Sonic, Boombot, Racing Cars and the Winter Olympics. On my Wii I love to play golf.

With my I pod I listen to music by the Jones Brothers and the Beatles.

Sometimes computers can be a problem. A problem is something that causes a difficulty or it may not be a good thing. Computers can’t give you a hug or hold your hand. Computers can’t make you feel better. Computers can’t make you cheeseburgers like my Mom and computers can’t deal Uno cards. Another problem is you can get so excited that you touch your friend’s computer keys and you delete your friend’s work. It disappears and they can’t get it back. Your friend is sad because they have to do their work ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! Another problem I had with technology is that my brother threw up on my DS and I couldn’t play my games!

In closing, Cyber Communications can be good for us and may cause some problems. They help me learn new things and have fun. Technology can never take the place of my Mom and Dad and my brother, Danny. My computer can NEVER give me a kiss goodnight.

Thank you.

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