Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lunch with the Principal

Lunch with the Principal was a great time to sit down and talk about how BCS will meet your child’s needs. I appreciate the questions that were brought to the forefront and the enthusiasm all of you have in educating our future leaders! If you missed the Lunch with the Principal here are some of the topics that were discussed:

Parking Lot

This continues to be a frustration that we all feel. Two main points were brought up that I feel needs to be communicated with all of our families.

1. We have people parking or standing in the handicap accessible spaces when they are not needing a handicap space. This is not only keeping people with handicap stickers from parking, but could be keeping us from modeling respectable behavior for our students. Please do not use the handicap spaces unless you have the proper registration.

2. Do NOT park in the turnaround. This is a safety issue for our students and for you. Use the turnaround, especially at the beginning and the end of the day to drop/pick up only. The lineup is extending into Quarton Rd. which will result in both accidents and tickets from the police.

Finally, please be patient! I know that each year the beginning of the school year brings to light the things we must revisit each year. The parking lot will get better…if we all do our part.

BCS – A Model of a Greener School

We discussed the donation of the wind turbine and what that will look like for our engineering technology classes. Part of this discussion was focused on other ways to be a model school in helping save our environment. Julie Wagner shared an idea that many of us do not think about as we drive and park our cars, becoming an idle free school. This sparked many parents’ interest and made us think about the impact that so many of us have on the environment when we allow our car to run while we wait. The negative impact of our own cars idling, along with the school buses, delivery trucks, and other vehicles that travel to and from BCS, could be improved by educating our community on this topic. Julie Wagner was kind enough to send me information on this as we begin to research what we can do as a BCS community. I have included the links below

From the Idle Free Utah site

Idling for 10 seconds uses the same amount of gas as restarting your car.
They typical amount of vehicle starts per day is estimated at between 5 and 10.
Increasing the number of vehicle starts by 6-10 a day probably would not increase operating costs.
In order to balance the cost of starter maintenance with the benefits of idling reduction, the study suggested turning the vehicle off after 30-45 seconds of idling.
There is a PowerPoint presentation created by or for a high school in New Jersey.

sends a confusing message to students about vehicle safety
affects local air quality
contributes to climate change
is a waste of money

As you can see the Lunch with the Principal provides a time to sit and chat in a comfortable atmosphere. Please take advantage of this time and join us (information coming soon!). I am looking forward to seeing you and remember…bring a friend!

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