Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BCS Teams in Training!

The BCS staff began training for the BCS 2009-2010 Marathon! The marathon begins September 8th when our students walk through the doors! We are very excited about the upcoming year and have been training for the past two days to prepare our minds. In order to be prepared, we went through a series of trainings that pushed us to reflect on why we are educators and what we believe in. Hal Heard, BCS Assistant Principal, and I wanted to begin the year on a positive note and embrace the creativity that BCS holds. The BCS staff went through three training sessions that focused on our three E's; Education, Environment, and Each Other. Each training session included creativity, collaboration, and reflection. These are the same skills that we believe our students should be exposed to.


Using Dr. Marzano's nine strategies for effective classroom instruction, the BCS staff discussed each strategy, watched a video that reflected that strategy, and answered questions regrading classroom instruction and student achievement.


The BCS staff watched a speech given by Ben Zander, author of the book The Art of Possibility. His book, and keynote speeches, conveys the importance of looking at life in a positive way. He states that life is simply what we put into it! We believe here at BCS that by modeling this, our students will learn from our positive behavior!

Each Other-

The BCS staff was asked to create a video that reflects what their beliefs are about education, their responsibilities, and other aspects of their position. This proved to be an effective tool for us to realize that there is more to school than academics. We believe in rigor and high standards but also know that to achieve this we must have trust in one another, challenge each other, and have fun!

The video above is an example of the 3rd and 4th grade team video recorded this morning.

The training sessions proved to be beneficial as we continue to prepare for the 2009-2010 BCS Marathon!

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  1. Adam,
    Thank you for sharing highlights from your faculty back to school program with the BCS and BPS community. The 3/4 grade team video affirms the BCS philosophy and sets the tone for what is sure to make BCS a great place to be this year!
    The Ben Zander TED talk is inspirational.
    I hope all parents will take the time to view it.
    With much gratitude,
    Lori Soifer
    President, Birmingham Board of Education