Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School!

Rain rain go away…actually I am glad it rained today!
The BCS Team proved that through rain or shine, this year will be fantastic! Hal Heard stated that this is the first time in his school career that it has rained the first day of school! That got me thinking about the many “first” we have been through in our lives and the “first” time experiences our students will go through this year. For example, today is my “first” first day at BCS. Like the students, I was nervous yet excited but knew that it would go well. My “first” day was a tremendous experience because of all of you, the BCS staff, and most of all the students!
I am sure that when your child returns home and you ask…”So how did school go?” he or she will say “fine, we didn’t do much.” Don’t let them fool you! Students had a full day schedule that was broken up by town hall meetings, lunch, and bus families. We kept them busy and they stepped up to the challenge! Be proud, you have sent us the best!

Another “first” for me were the town hall meetings we held with each grade level. During the team meetings, Hal and I discussed our theme: me2WE: This I Believe and asked the students to finish this sentence for us…I believe that this school year will be….
We called on volunteers and heard some great answers. Fun, great, exciting, all of these are what we love to hear from our students on the first day! One student was being honest when she said, “tiring”. She is right, when we have fun, work hard, and exercise our minds, we will be very tired at the end of the year!

The BCS team showed off our new shirts today thanks to Joe and Kara Faris! Parents here at BCS, Mr. and Mrs. Faris designed the shirt with our theme in mind. We believe many things here at BCS but one thing that we strongly believe in is showcasing our parents’ skills! All of you have skills and talents that our students will benefit from.
See picture above! (Nancy Best, Hal Heard, Sue Reepmeyer)

Have a good night and we are ready to wake up and have another great day at BCS!


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