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Mothers Day W.A.G. Post may 14-18, 2012

May 13, 2012
Dear BCS Families,
Happy Mother’s Day to our moms at BCS!  I was supposed to spend the day at the baseball fields but Mother Nature had other plans!  Since Nicole is up north with our middle son at a basketball tournament and our youngest sons’s baseball games were cancelled today, I get to write this W.A.G. early!
Sitting at the ball field this morning in the cold rain reminded me of how much fun I had growing up learning the game of baseball.  Those of you that know me well, know I love baseball.  Sitting in the wet dugout waiting for the rain to stop, I was thinking how I will miss the traditional Mother’s Day routine of meeting my mom at church and having lunch with her and my siblings. While reminiscing, I was reminded of how my love for the game of baseball is because of my mother.  Learning after all, starts with mom!
To love something like baseball, you must be introduced to the game, understand the rules, procedures, and skills, apply and analyze them, evaluate and learn from your mistakes, then finally participate in the game.  In a sense, my love for the game is the result of my mother teaching me and taking me through the journey of learning by way  of Bloom’s taxonomy.  Bloom’s taxonomy, a classification of learning objectives within education proposed by Benjamin Bloom in 1956, is used to guide learning within classrooms (and on baseball fields).
My mother, a retired teacher, didn't realize it at the time, but the multiple hours she spent with me and my two brothers in the backyard helped build a strong appreciation for the game which I am now instilling in my son as his coach.  This appreciation comes from my learning journey through the three “domains” of Bloom’s Taxonomy: Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor.  My mother was a master teacher of the game of baseball!
Mother’s are special in many ways but today I would like to thank my mom for teaching me the game of baseball.  What will you thank your mom for, or remember your mom for today?  Learning is the key to love and learning always starts with mom!  
Happy Mother’s Day!
Brenda Hartley’s Taxonomy of Baseball:
  • Remembering (Retrieving, recognizing, and recalling relevant knowledge from long-term memory.)
Playing catch as far back as I can remember, it was always a learning experience.  Form, motions, procedure, there was always a purpose to playing catch.  The next day, we would go through the progressions again (practice, practice, practice). Dinner conversations included discussions on throwing techniques.  A baseball tee was always in our garage to practice what we learned (24/7 access).  When mom wasn't around, my two brothers and I would coach each other.  Recalling information was then verified with mom when available.  Watching baseball on TV or watching The Baseball Bunch, we were able to compare and contrast our learning with the experts.
  • Understanding (Constructing meaning from oral, written, and graphic messages through interpreting, exemplifying, classifying, summarizing, inferring, comparing, and explaining.)
Retrieving and recalling what we learned about the game, we were constantly summarizing our lessons while collecting baseball cards.  The cards, purchased for us by our parents in large amounts, served as reminders of positions, batting averages, and who to watch for in the upcoming season.  As we grew older and started moving our game from the backyard to the street, others joined in and we could see how the game worked with more players.  Good old competition pushed us to learn more and to pay attention to detail.  Describing and summarizing our games to my mom later in the evening was a highlight as we bragged about our diving catches and home runs.
  • Applying: Carrying out or using a procedure through executing, or implementing.
Having years of learning the game, the proper techniques, and the details of baseball, my brothers and I were fortunate to have parents that drove us everywhere three to four times a week to play.  At one point, my two brothers and I were on three teams each.  Nine teams in all during a hot muggy summer.  I do not remember my mother missing one game!  All of the learning we did in the backyard and in the street would have gone to waste unless we were able to go out and apply what we learned.  I struck out, made errors, and sometimes felt like quitting, but that is when the true learning occurred.  Because of the solid background of knowledge and understanding, I was able to learn from my mistakes and forge ahead.
  • Analyzing: Breaking material into constituent parts, determining how the parts relate to one another and to an overall structure or purpose through differentiating, organizing, and attributing.
Playing in games, practicing with a variety of players and coaches and coming back home to evaluate my game helped tremendously on my skill set and deepened my love for the game.  I learned early on that there are no separate positions in baseball.  All nine players must work together in order to be successful.  My mother used to pitch to us for hours and my brothers and I would critique one another’s swings.  If we hit it over the garage for a home run, we discussed what we did right.  If we popped up or missed it all together, we analyzed the position of our feet, our shoulders and our balance.  We soon learned baseball was a team sport, not nine individuals standing on the same field.  From early on we knew if the ball was hit to right field and a man was on second, who was the cut off, who backed up home, and who did the right fielder have to throw the ball to.
  • Evaluating: Making judgments based on criteria and standards through checking and critiquing.
One thing we learned from my mom was to always make the adjustments when necessary.  “You know what to do, you didn't do it right, now tweak it.”  Every mistake, every failure was (and still is) a learning opportunity.  The solid foundation of knowledge and understand gave us criteria and a rubric so to speak to evaluate our performance.  The key was to always raise the bar.  I knew that when my older brother was hitting balls over the fence, I someday wanted to do that and would continue to adjust my swing, get stronger, and learn from him.  I had to be careful though not to become discouraged when I never really lived up to his power.  My mom made it clear baseball needs home runs but the game also needs singles and doubles!
  • Creating: Putting elements together to form a coherent or functional whole; reorganizing elements into a new pattern or structure through generating, planning, or producing.
Now that I have been coaching my own kids for over a decade, I am able to turn my experiences, knowledge base, and the lessons I have learned into practice.  I have found that while I coach, or watch my own children, I continue to learn the game and appreciate the little things that make it so great.  I have also learned that no matter what I do, say, or think, my kids will learn in their own way and within their own timeline.  Out of my three children, only one has really learned to love the game of baseball but I am sure by me taking them, as my mother took me, through the taxonomy of learning, it is transferable to any sport, or anything else in life.  For me, living at the top of the taxonomy has been the most rewarding!
WEEK AT A GLANCE –   Week of May 14-18, 2012 
(Disclaimer:  Please check all your calendars and in case we missed something)
To submit an item for next week’s “WAG”, email  by  THURSDAY 11PM
  Monday, May 14
  • RE-SCHEDULED -9:30 – 10:30 AM  8th Grade Student Walk-Out Video Shoot in front of the school.  
  • 6 MILLION PENNIES FOR 6 MILLION LIVES BAKE SALE AT 7/8 LUNCH AND Choice Hoursee below-serving Farmhouse ice cream cups!
  • 3:30-4:40-BOYS TENNIS PRACTICE- 
  • 4:05-7PM-BCS PLAY  TECH Rehearsal-Cafeteria
  • 4:05-5PM-Forensics Team Auditions-Media Center-see below for more information
Tuesday, May 15
  • 6:45-8AM-6th- 8th CO-ED TRACK PRACTICE
  • 8 AM BAGELS for Sale- for $1.25 (cream cheese .25 cents)in front of the Media Center
  • 3:15-7 PM BCS PLAY DRESS  Rehearsal-Cafeteria
  • 7PM-Board Of Education Meeting-Administration Building
Wednesday, May 16
  • 3:15PM-Delicious Popcorn sold during Choice Hour-only $ 1
  • 3:15 PM-SCHOOL STORE OPEN –-School Store has moved to Wednesdays 
  • 4:15PM-6th- 8th CO-ED TRACK Meet-AWAY@GROVES
  • 6:30PM-Tech Committee Meeting-Media Center
Thursday, May 17
  • 6:45-8AM-6th- 8th CO-ED TRACK PRACTICE
  • 3:30-4:40-BOYS TENNIS PRACTICE- 
  • 4:30-5:30 PM New Family Choice Hour Meeting-Media Center
Friday, May 18
  • Quarter IV Progress Reports released for 5th-8th
  • 8:30-10 AM-7/8 Presentation with Judge Kimberly Small
  • 9:30-11AM-Reading Parties-Butzin, Frishman,Harvath
  • 1:50 PM FIRE DRILL-Re-Scheduled-Please be aware when coming to sign out your children
Hot Entrée menu for the week(subject to change, if necessary)
-          Available everyday: Gourmet Salad Bar, Hamburgers, Chicken Patties, Pizza & Cheese Breadsticks
Monday –Chicken Gyro with Tzatziki sauce, Steamed Rice Pilaf, Cucumber Salad, Turkey Sub on Whole Wheat
Tuesday – Beef Grinder w/ Grilled Peppers/Onions, Baked Tater Tots, Fresh Coleslaw, Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap
Wednesday –Popcorn Chicken Bowl with Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Corn, Chef Salad and Whole Wheat roll 
Thursday – Chicken Alfredo on Whole Wheat Pasta, Garlic Breadstick, Steamed Broccoli, Zesty Taco Salad
Friday –Taco Bar with Chicken or Beef, Corn and Peppers, Refried Beans, Crispy Chicken Wrap 
Come see this year's BCS play - Dear Edwina, Jr.  There are three shows - Wednesday, May 16, at 4:30 p.m. (tickets are $7), Thursday, May 17, and Friday, May 18, at 7:00 p.m. (tickets are $10).
Cash or check (BCS PTSA) accepted. If you have questions, please contact Amy Tyrrell at 248 202 4635.
Thursday, May 24, 8:00-9:30am, Media Center
BCS could not exist without you and everything you do. Please allow us to show you how grateful we are by joining us at a breakfast in your honor.  Stop by anytime between 8:00am and 9:30am.   Even if you are only able to stay for five minutes, we would still appreciate the opportunity to say thank you.   
As the weather gets warmer and shorts, skirts, and tank tops come out, please take a moment to review the dress code with your child ( ) on page 9 of the student handbook.  Please help your child to remember that shorts/skirts must be below the child’s fingertips and tank tops must have wide enough straps so that undergarments cannot be seen.  If a student is not wearing the appropriate clothing to meet dress code, a call will be placed to a parent to have an appropriate item of clothing brought up for the student to change into.  Thank you for helping!
Monday May 14-Friday June 15
Butzin,Frishman,Davis,Seley.Parkin,Wallington will SWIM-pack appropriate clothing
Harvath and Mali will be in the GYM-PACK SHOES-NO FLIP FLOPS!

Farmhouse Coffee & Ice-Cream partners with 6 Million Pennies for 6 Million Lives. Every Monday, from now until the end of the school year, we will be selling Farmhouse Ice-cream cups for $3.00 each along with our delicious bake sale goodies. So please remember to DONATE your delicious baked goods Monday morning and come ready to enjoy yummy treats & ICE CREAM during 7/8 lunch & Choice Hour for our cause to remember those that died in the Holocaust and to help out to raise money for our Kids Against Hunger – 1 out of 7 people go to bed hungry
and we would like to help make a change!
When: During 7/8 Lunch & Choice Hour
Where: right outside of the cafeteria
How Much: $1 each for Baked Goods & $3 each for a Farmhouse Ice-cream cup
Why: How do we change the world = 1 act of Kindness at a timeJ
LOST AND FOUND-The office has some electronic items in our “Valuables” Lost and Found.In addition to 2 sers of valuable car keys we have an iPod Classic and an iPod Touch, a Bluetooth, various charging cables, some Headphones, and some Flip phones.Please see a staff member to view these items and hopefully a lost item can make its way home.
FORENSICS TEAM AUDITIONS:  Auditions will be held after choice hour from 4:05 until 5:00 in the Media Center on Monday May 14 and Monday May 21 for those students interested but not already in the Forensics 1 Choice Hour. The audition piece is to be no longer than two (2) minutes in length, be in one of the following event categories: prose, poetry, dramatic interpretation or storytelling, and include an introduction to the piece.
Auditions are held first come/first served basis.
Results will be posted outside the Media Center after May 22.  If selected for the team, students are required to attend the Forensics 2 Choice Hour the 2012/2013 school year. This is a full-year commitment.  The Forensics 2 Choice Hour will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Please email with any questions.   
The 5th & 6th grade bands will perform their spring concert on Wednesday evening, May 30st  in the BCS cafeteria. The performance will begin at 7:00pm. The 7th & 8th grade bands will perform their spring concert on Wednesday, June 6th in the BCS cafeteria. The starting time for the 7th & 8th grade band performance is 7:00pm. 
Check for more information and form
Hello, future Falcons!  This is for all 8th grade students interested in Theatre who are planning on attending Groves High School in the Fall 2012.
Auditions for this year’s musical, Barnum, will be held on JUNE 13, 2012.  Eight graders will all be auditioned during the 3 – 5 pm time slot.
If you plan on auditioning, please email Leisa Passarelli at so we can make our schedule.  You can also use this email if you have any questions.  The email address
Information regarding procedures and time lines for the audition process can be found on Mr. Rutherford’s web site at this link:
Break a leg!
The Media Center is preparing for the end of the year, and it’s a big job for us this year – we have to pack up EVERYTHING in order to move EVERYTHING out of the room to get our new carpet this summer!  We’re very excited, but we have a TON of packing to do, and it includes the books!
This means…
  •  Starting today, the checkout limit for students is 2 books at a time.  If they have 2 or more out, they won’t be able to check out any more until some come back.
  • The last day for checkouts will be Friday, May 18.  After this day, we’ll be promoting our growing eBook collection!
  • All books are due on Monday, May 21.  
  • Finally, we will again be holding the Least-Amount-of-Overdues Contest, with homerooms competing against each other by grade level.  The homeroom in your grade level with the least amount of materials still out will be treated with a movie of your choice and treats in the Media Center on a day of your choosing during the last couple of weeks of school.  The contest will end at the end of the school day on May 21…so encourage all of your students to get in their books before then!  
  • The Media Center will still be open for computer use past the books’ due date, but note that we will begin placing books in boxes the week after Memorial Day.   
The City of Birmingham is inviting all students to be a part of the grand finale of the Celebrate Birmingham Parade. The theme this year is the Good Ole Days. We are looking for student participants to dress to the theme and/or bring their favorite pet.
Date:   Sunday, May 20, 2012
Time:   Parade begins at 1:00 PM.  Check- in begins at 12:30 PM.
For more information and the registration form, please see the BCS website at  Registration forms are due in the BCS office no later than May 15, 2012.
Looking for two boys,13 or 14, who want to change the world by building global friendships. The opportunity is for two boys to participate in an interchange with young people in Modena, Italy -- the other Motor City, home to Ferrari and Maserati (and balsamic vinegar).This program run by the nonprofit CISV, which stands for Children's International Summer Villages.For more information contact Emilia Askari,BCS Proud Mom. 248-229-2990 or
Summer Camp Guide is now available on-line at,  Also a booklet is available in the office
Check out the wide variety of youth enrichment and recreation camps!
This is a friendly reminder that online registration for ACADEMIC SUMMER SCHOOL HAS BEGUN!!  Summer school is a great opportunity to replace undesirable grades, credit recovery, or to earn new credits!  Some classes fill quickly and there are discounts for registering early!
Registration opened to BPS residents on Thursday on March 1, 2012 and are accepted online only at*  If you need assistance with the registration process, please call Birmingham Community Education at (248) 203-3800.
*Classes will not appear on the website until 12:01 AM on March 1st.  If you would like to preview a list of class offerings or get more information, a link to the complete high school brochure is shown below. To paste into your browser
Birmingham Education Foundation
Schakolad Chocolate Factory is partnering with the Birmingham Education Foundation for the month of May to help raise funds for Birmingham schools. In support of NASA day and the downlink with the International Space station, custom made Shuttle Spaceships are available for $8. Also think about Schakolad when purchasing your Mother’s Day gifts. Mention BPS and 25% of each 15 piece boxed assortment will be given back to our schools. Schakolad is located at 1728 W. Maple, Birmingham (next to Mills Pharmacy). 
Expedition 2012 (NEW DATE)    May 31    5-7pm
On May 31, 2012, BPS will host a downlink with the International Space Station during the school day.  We are one of only six organizations selected to participate in this expedition.  Save the date now to participate in our evening family event where you can watch a replay of the downlink.  You and your family will be able to visit individual stations that highlight microgravity, space station information and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Younger space explorers will have the opportunity to build a straw rocket.  This event is free to all BPS community members.  This great event is made possible through the generosity of the Birmingham Education Foundation.  Location:  Seaholm gym
Math Pentathlon
Four students from Covington participated in the Math Pentathlon this weekend: Marc B., Carley H., Jenny A., and Nicholas C.  Marc B. received honorable mention, Carley H. received a silver medal, Jenny A. received a bronze medal, and Nicholas C. received the participation award.  Great job Cobras!

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