Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sept 12-16 WAG

September 11, 2011

Dear BCS Families,

The first week is over and as I stand back and reflect, I am very excited about the upcoming year! Our 3-4 Curriculum night was held Thursday and seeing new families at BCS is always refreshing! Please join me in welcoming our new students and families as they begin their journey here at Covington!

A few highlights for the first week:
Teachers, students, and parents have been trying to become familiar with our new schedules this year. Changes such as the Monday and Friday 7/8 electives, 5/6 and 3/4 switching lunches, and moving co-curricular times for all grade levels, have created some confusion and anxiety. I have to give credit to our team and to the students for making it through the first week and having an open mind to these necessary changes!

Please know that the adjustments to our schedules have to do with many dynamics, both building and district wide. A good example of how our schedule flexibility may be limited is how we share co-curricular teachers with other buildings. For example, one of our 3-4 Spanish teachers also teaches at Berkshire and Derby Middle Schools. These various dynamics come into play when scheduling our staff and will sometimes limit us on the classes we can offer at various times. If you have any questions regarding our new schedules, please feel free to contact me.

Parking Lot:

The first week seemed to go very well in our new parking lot. If you have not experienced the parking lot yet, but plan on picking up or dropping off your child soon, you may see a short video on the new procedures at

Please scroll down under last week’s WAG to see the video.

BCS Team

I would like to express my thanks to our BCS team. Teachers, office staff, custodians, choice hour staff, etc…- THANK YOU for your hard work to make our first week a week to remember!

G.E.E.K.ed and Tweaked

Please join us in advocating for our students to ask questions, reflect on the process of learning, and be empowered to make their own decisions. Here at BCS we want our learners to ask questions about what they are learning, why they are learning it, and how it connects to making their world a better place…

This week, Ms. Share and Mrs. Cruz introduced a new 7/8 elective here at BCS. Global Literacy will connect our students with Seaholm Flex students as they collaborate in publishing online information for a global audience. Global Literacy will focus on 21st Century teaching and learning as it relates to the world of publishing. Ms. Share and Mrs. Cruz have truly Tweaked and G.E.E.K.ed this elective to prepare our learners for the future by providing them real and relevant experiences!!


We will conduct a moment of silence on Monday in honor of those who were lost ten years ago on this tragic day. Teachers may have various grade appropriate discussions with their classes as well. Feel free to have a conversation with your child about the events of that day as many of them were not born…

The following links have been sent to the classroom teachers- You may want to use these as well if you are looking for resources (Thank you to Bingham Farms Principal- Russ Facione!):

An overall menu of items for Patriots Day (Sept 11th)

Patriot Day Printables

The ABC’s of Patriotism- Lots of activities and printable to reinforce the Core Democratic Values of Patriotism.

From Scholastic- Activities for younger children

3 E’s @ BCS

Please help us keep our character education on the forefront as we know it is our character that counts!

Education, Environment, Each Other…Our Moral Compass!

BCS Families- Welcome Back and thank you for your continued support in this journey we call learning!

G.E.E.K.ed about Leading,


WEEK AT A GLANCE – Week of September 12-16, 2011

(Disclaimer: Please check all your calendars and in case we missed something)

 To submit an item for next week’s “WAG”, email by THURSDAY 11PM

Monday, September 12

• 6:45-8 AM 7-8 Girls Basketball Try-outs

• 7-8 AM Cross Country Practice

• 11:00am PTSA Clearinghouse Management Committee Meeting

• 4:05-6PM-7-8 Boys Soccer Practice

Tuesday, September 13

• 6:45-8 AM 7-8 Girls Basketball Try-outs

• 7-8 AM Cross Country Practice

• 3:15-5:15PM-7-8 Boys Soccer Practice

Wednesday, September 14

• Smile…’s PICTURE DAY at BCS. Every student will have their picture taken today. You can purchase pictures online or by using the picture order form. Read further down for important information

• 6:45-8 AM 7-8 Girls Basketball Try-outs

• 7 AM Cross Country TEAM Pictures

• 7-8 AM Cross Country Practice

• FIRST POPCORN DAY-BRING $ 1 Freshly popped popcorn is sold during choice hour for $1 in the main hall

• 4:05-6PM-7-8 Boys Soccer Practice-TEAM PICTURE DAY


• 7:00pm BCS Webmasters Team Meeting- No experience is necessary to join, just an interest in updating and enhancing our website Please join us in the Media Center

Thursday, September 15

• 6:45-8 AM 7-8 Girls Basketball Try-outs

• 3:15-5:15PM-7-8 Boys Soccer Practice

• 3:15 CHOICE HOUR Cross Country Practice

• 4:15pm 6-8 Cross Country - Parent Meeting Room101

• 6:00pm PTSA Curriculum Refreshments & Chat for 5/6

• 6:30pm 5/6 Back to School Night - Curriculum Presentations

Friday, September 16

• 6:45-8 AM 7-8 Girls Basketball Try-outs

• 7-8 AM Cross Country Practice-optional

• 3:20pm 7-8 Girls Basketball - Parent Meeting

• 4:00pm Deadline to Change Q1 Choice Hour classes

• 4:05-6PM-7-8 Boys Soccer Practice

• 6 PM Boys Soccer Team Parent Meeting

• 6:30pm Ice Cream Social

Hot Entrée menu for the week: (subject to change, if necessary)

- Available everyday: Salad Bar, Hamburgers, Chicken Patties, Pizza & Cheese Breadsticks

Monday – Whole Grain Pancakes or French Toast,Sausage,Fresh Fruit,BBQ Chicken Pizza

Tuesday – Whole Wheat Penne with Chicken and Alfredo,Garlic toast,Steamed Brocoli,Nachos Supreme

Wednesday – Home-Style Turkey w/Gravy,Mashed Potatoes,Stemed Green Beans,Hawiian Pizza

Thursday – BBQ Chicken w/Mac &Cheese,Flavorful Baked Beans,Beef Enchilada

Friday – Grilled Chicken or Veggie Caesar Wrap.Pasta Salad,Steamed Carrots,Meat Lover’s Pizza



3/4 SWIM & GYM SCHEDULE for 1st Marking Period

Harvath and Maliszewski homerooms will be in SWIM CLASS until Thursday, Oct 6th students should be prepared with swimsuits and towels.

Butzin, Frishman, Davis, Seley, Parkin, and Wallington will be in GYM CLASS until Thursday, Oct 6th – students should be prepared with gym shoes .


CROSS COUNTRY is off and running… The parent meeting will be held Thursday, 9/15 at 4:15 PM in room 101.

GIRLS BASKETBALL TRYOUTS start Monday at 6:45 AM. You must have an orange slip to try out.

BOYS SOCCER is underway! The Team is still looking for 7 / 8 grade boys who are interested in playing. The parent meeting will be Friday 9/16 6 PM after practice-check with Coach Mat Brown for more details


Online ordering is available 24/7 beginning right now at The BCS school code is AA0201. You select the background, picture packet and submit payment on the web – there is nothing your child has to bring to school. If online orders are placed before picture day, the photographers will know your background selection. The online ordering period is open through midnight, September 13.

The picture order form was provided in the packet picked up at registration. Extra forms are available in the office. Please send the completed picture form and payment in with your child. Your child will give the order form directly to the photographer.

We are in need of 5 – 10 parent volunteers to assist the photographers. We need volunteers for 2+ hour blocks or for the entire time. The blocks are 8:20-10:30AM and 10:30AM-1 PM. Volunteers will receive a $22 credit towards one portrait package. Please email Nancy Best with your availability at to volunteer.


The 1st Quarter Choice Hour program is IN FULL SWING!. Choice Hour student selections are posted on the Choice Hour board in the main hallway and in each homeroom.

The change and refund deadline for QI Choice Hour is Friday September 16th! Choice Hour class change request forms can be found in the front office!! All approved QI Choice Hour changes will go into effect on Monday September 19th.

Questions regarding the Choice Hour program should be directed to Linda Stone at 248-203-4625 or Questions regarding Choice Hour schedules should be directed to Jennifer Brown at 248-203-4426 or


In Engage34, your students will be using the software Audacity for several projects. Many students really enjoy this software and love to record their voice and hear it playback. We would like your child to be able to play with this software at home to become familiar with it. It's a free download from: (You want to download the application and the LAME MP3 encoder.)

If you would like to know more about using this program, just search Google with the keywords “audacity tutorial” and you will find a bunch. Or, visit our howto wiki.


Engage34 Teachers


Effective September 6th, 2011 we will be implementing an alternative lunch program for those students who are at a negative balance exceeding $5.00 in the elementary schools and $5.50 in the secondary schools.

The student will be given the option to have: a milk, a cheese stick and a fresh whole piece of fruit. The student will only be allowed to have an alternative lunch for 5 days.

Please contact David Andrejko if you have any questions

General Manager Sodexo / Birmingham Public Schools248 203 3965


Please remind parents that they can order yearbooks AND Proud Parent ads online this year. Go to for more information. Online price of only $35 for a yearbook ends November 18, 2011. Deadline for Proud Parent ads is January 22, 2012.


This is a Lego Robotics team that competes with area schools. A theme is presented and the team is scored on three parts: research and presentation, team cooperation, and accuracy of the robot in completing tasks. Our first meeting will be at 4:05 on Monday September 12, 2011 in the Lego Robotics classroom. All students in grades 3-8 are welcome. These meetings will be held in the Lego Robotics choice hour classroom on Mondays from 4:05-6:00. There will be no bus service home. The competition will take place (most likely) in Flint on a Saturday in November. Please email with any questions you may have.


BCS Proud Dads Tennis Lessons will be again offered at the Birmingham Racquet Club Saturday classes will run at 6pm from September 24 to November 12 The cost is $96 These classes are for beginning and intermediate players grades 3-6 Capacity is limited. Students will be registered when they return form(attached) , payment and waiver

A parent organizational meeting for a PROUD DADS GIRLS TENNIS CLUB is scheduled for 7pm Tuesday September 13 in the BCS Media Center. The girls tennis club is for 7/8 Girls with tennis experience. Girls will have 2 afterschool practices per week and several additional opportunities for match play against each other or in exhibition with local middle school teams. The cost of the 6 week program is estimated to be $150. Capacity will likely be limited to 12 girls unless we find additional courts.

Any questions about either activity can be directed to me, Pam Graham. 248.645.5328 (home) or


Summer is officially on the wane and it’s time for a bit of gardening at BCS. We pride ourselves on being the school where parents give more than almost anywhere else. Sometimes that involves putting on work gloves and getting wood chips in our shoes. Don't look now, but it’s one of those times once again.

We need volunteers (at least 20!) to come out at 9:00am on Saturday, September 24 with rakes, brooms and wheelbarrows to spread mulch on our two gardens. With a decent turnout (did I mention that at least 20 would be good?), we should be done by noon. Just in time to watch your favorite team play football.

Please reply to Mike Anderson with your intentions to come out and help at Please don't leave it to the other guy to do all the heavy lifting. Let's show up, share the load and get it done for BCS.

Look forward to seeing you there.


Comcast has introduced a program called Comcast Internet Essentials. This offer is for any BPS students receiving free lunches (not reduced lunches) through the National School Lunch Program. In an effort to bridge the “Digital Divide” it provides:

Home Internet Access for $9.95 per month

An Optional Netbook Computer for $149.00

Free Internet Training – Online, Print

Comcast has launched the program and is now accepting applications.

For more information, see the Comcast website:

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