Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BCS Town Hall Meetings

The first day was a great day at BCS!
Thank you for being patient during drop off and pick up.  The new parking lot seems to be working well!

The BCS team did a great job in leading the way to make September 6, 2011 a memorable one.  On the first day, we hold town hall meetings with the students.  This year I talked about the three E's we focus on here at BCS (Education, Each Other and Environment).  I asked the students to close their eyes and think about something they are really good at...could be anything...but had to be something they excel in.  I then asked them to think about something they are not so good at...something they have tried to do or continue to try doing and just cannot seem to get it right.
After a few minutes of thinking- I asked them to share these thoughts with a friend.  (try it)

We then discussed the 3 E's and how they relate to learning and leadership.

Each Other- Respect, trust, teamwork...they shared information with people they trusted.  It takes guts to tell someone you are really bad at something.  Respecting each other and having empathy allows for our learners to be transparent and honest about their learning.  It allows everyone on the team to one, admit failure, and two, help each other work at their "failures" to make them successes.  Being a leader is being a good listener and making the people around you better.  The goal for our students is to not laugh at the faults of others, but to embrace the diverse learning styles, talents, and areas of improvement in order to work as a team.

Education- This activity showcased the many talents our students have....some said they are good readers, some are good baseball players...everyone was able to talk about what they excel in.  It also showed how each of us learn differently and possess various skill sets.  I asked the students to think about why they were good at that particular skill or activity.  What things did they do to allow them to draw, read, or play baseball great?  Practice, determination, perseverance...

I then told our students that the adults here at BCS will NOT settle for "I can't do that".
We prefer..."I can't do that yet".  If we take the steps we followed to become great at something and applied the same mindset to everything we do, we will always improve and grow in all areas of life.

Environment- I challenged our students to take their leadership and learning outside of our walls.  It is their world we live in- they are the leaders in making our world a better place.  BCS is committed to connecting our work with the work of others outside of the organization.  Students are empowered to take on the challenges of leading the way by using their knowledge and skills each and every day.
I asked our students to be leaders within the community by sharing what they have learned about the environment so others can be leaders.

The 3 E's...our moral compass.

Looking forward to the year!

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