Sunday, April 10, 2011

WAG April 11-15

April 10, 2011

Dear BCS Community,

What a beautiful day! 86 and sunny? I was not expecting this after returning from Florida today but I will take it! I am starting to have families email me pictures of how they spent their time over break. I asked you in the last W.A.G. to send pictures showing how you and family learned something new over break. In the spirit of being G.E.E.K.ed, I thought it would be a good way to show how the BCS community is committed to taking advantage of learning opportunities outside of the school walls and schedule!!

My son Cameron and I learned how to use imovie. I have used it in a limited, very simple way in the past but can now edit like the pros! A few months ago, after overhearing my desire to learn how to edit video, a very wise teacher told me to have my kids learn imovie then have them teach me. I took advantage of some down time last week and sat with Cameron as he tutored me in how to create a quality video! Our home videos are now ready for the theater!!! If I have enough BCS families send me pictures, I will put them in a slideshow to post on my blog. After all, we are not G.E.E.K.ed about learning unless we can share our experiences with the world!

I have made the trip to south Florida many times and actually enjoy the drive. My family and I have found a way to build the two or three day trip into our vacation by taking our time and stopping to enjoy the views or the various local attractions. The drive down is always exciting! It is the drive back, however, that can really test a family! Sure, families get on each others nerves but there is nothing like being in the same car (and hotel room) for three days!

The ride down is easy. The discussions are about the exciting things we plan on doing, what we did last year and how we will build on those experiences. There is laughter, singing, and everyone is excited to be on a “new” vacation. Even in the twentieth hour, there is hope! Each state welcomes you with a big sign that is saying, “Our state is warmer than yours!” The ride down is a lot like the beginning of school. Same destination but a different year. There are always new experiences and there is always an energy that is sparked by curiosity and imagination.

The ride back can be difficult. As much as the ride to Florida resembles the beginning of the school year, the ride back mirrors the end. My family has experienced both a positive and not so positive return back to “reality”. This year, thank goodness, was a positive three day car ride! Sure there will always be speed bumps when you have three kids riding in the same automobile for eight to ten hours at a time, but overall it went well. I attribute this to the fact that Nicole and I have learned from our mistakes over the years. We now involve the kids in planning the trip back. We discuss how long we will be in the car each day, what hotels we will be stopping at, and who will be in control of the radio! Expectations are laid out and there are usually no surprises. We also know that it is essential to stay positive. Instead of dwelling on the things we didn't do, we talk about everything we did do. Most of all, we keep a sense of humor! These steps do not make a perfect trip back to Michigan, but they help!

Believe it or not, starting tomorrow, we are all on our drive back! This year has been amazing! Each day seems like we are heading toward an adventure built on curiosity and imagination. Each of us have set goals, continue to plan projects, and experience learning like never before. It’s not over! The next eight weeks can be difficult or it can be “part of the vacation”. Our goal as a community must be to finish the year strong so we can come back for the next trip and build upon the experiences we continue to have together. We can do this by involving our students in the planning, setting clear expectations, staying positive, and having a sense of humor! I am looking forward to the return trip with all of you and welcome you back to BCS!

G.E.E.K.ed about our “drive back to reality”,


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