Friday, April 20, 2012

BCS Learning by Doing!

Recently a few activities have taken place here at BCS that reminds me of how this is truly a great place to be!  The saying, "learn by doing" is evident across all of the grade levels and subject areas.  Our 5th/6th grade students participated in a field trip that was not a typical field trip.  Each year our young scientist visit the Rouge River to conduct test, take measurements, and help keep helpful information up to date.  Our teachers are not simply placing a textbook in front of our students and asking them to read about the living things in our rivers, they are giving them opportunities to hold creatures, look underneath rocks, and truly learn about the ecosystems in our backdoor!
Learning by doing is a true learning hub concept. 
The learning hub mindset takes the learning outside of the four walls and into the real world!

BCS is a true learning hub!

Learner holdinig a crawfish

Mr. Bodle joins in the fun!

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