Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Reading Promise- Now at the BCS book fair!

November 16, 2011

Dear BCS Families,

The book fair is up and running thanks to our parent volunteers. Taking the lead again this year is Theresa Valentine and Shiva Motlagh. Theresa and Shiva, with the help of Ann Truesdell and Barbara Clark, continue to provide us an amazing opportunity to find new books and practice one of the most important things in life…READING!

I would like to share a book with you that I received from the book fair this year. The Reading Promise, written by Alice Ozma is a true story of a father’s promise to his daughter to read to her every night until high school graduation. Not only did I commit to read this, I have made my daughter (turning 18 next month!) sit with me and either listen or read to me. I have to admit, this was a little awkward for the both of us at first. I couldn’t remember the last time I read to Taylor, it must have been when she was in 3rd or 4th grade.

Reading this book alone would have placed unneeded guilt on me, but sitting next to my daughter each night, I realized I have been missing out on special moments for the last few years. Reading aloud to our children has been proven to enhance their academics, but it is the sharing of our perspectives of the characters and our opinions of the stories that have made it an important event for us.

The Reading Promise is told from the daughter’s perspective but will bring in the father’s memory of “The Steak” at times. It is neat to see how such an event can shape a relationship, yet the two people interacting at the same time remember things so differently. I recommend this book for any parent to read with their son or daughter.

As for Taylor and I? We have a streak going ourselves! If you are interested in starting a streak of reading to your child every night (no matter what age), visit our book fair today or tomorrow during parent teacher conferences. Let the reading begin!!

G.E.E.K.ed about reading,


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