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March 28-April 1 WAG

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March 27, 2011

Dear BCS Community,

Please make sure to scroll down and read about the accomplishments by our Science Olympiad teams this past week. Oh and by the way...our swim team finished second place in the league- way to go Cobras (Coach Bill Johansson and Mat Brown!)!!


We often talk about how creative we want our students to be and how autonomy will play a part in learning the skills that will ultimately set them apart from others in a very competitive future. Included in these discussions are our students' ability to produce work that is original. In order for BCS students to become globally competent they must have the opportunities to move beyond the process and the product and move toward having the knowledge and skills to share their work with a global audience. We do a good job of this within our walls and in some cases reach beyond the classroom to share ideas and projects. It is time for us to take a robust step in advocating for a true global mindset here at BCS. The Covington Technology Celebration (CTC) is an example of how our students will intentionally showcase their work to a real audience.

The CTC will be held on May 19, 2011 beginning at 4:30 p.m. It is not a traditional art show or science fair but rather a showcase of the many creative, G.E.E.K.ed projects our students have had a part in all year. Please go to and click on the CTC link. The deadline has been extended. BCS: A place to create and a place to showcase talents!!

Thank you:

The BLAST was a huge success! While final numbers are not in, it looks like we may have surpassed last year’s record breaking amount. Ken Gilbert, Karen Best, and everyone that helped, deserves a huge standing ovation. Assistant Principal Chinn and I are still trying to pick our jaws off the ground...amazing efforts by all!
On a side note...Marnie Lewbel will be leaving us this year. She is a long time BCS parent and advocate. Currently sitting as PTSA co-chair, she has been a champion for the staff, the parents, and most of all your children at BCS- please make sure to thank her before she leaves us in June. Her son will be going to 9th grade. BCS will miss her.

New Parent Wiki Activity:

Go to the BCS parent wiki ( and watch the video that is posted for the May 27th activity under the article tab. There are two questions regarding the video...your discussions are welcomed!

New Family Meetings:

We have been conducting new parent meetings. What a great way to get to know our incoming families! Tamra Nast and Karen Sivwright, our BCS counselors, do a great job of running these. Many of you remember how nervous and excited you may have been starting the first year at BCS. Please join us and welcome the new families as much as possible this spring. It’s important they begin the school year already acclimated to BCS!

Please enjoy the spring break that begins after choice hour on Friday. If you are traveling, travel safe and enjoy your friends and family! In the spirit of being G.E.E.K.ed, I am asking BCS families to email a picture of the places you are visiting or a picture of you or your family learning something new over break. I will make a slideshow of the pictures and share it on the blog!!

Have a G.E.E.K.ed week.


WEEK AT A GLANCE – March 28 - April 1, 2011
(Disclaimer: Please check all your calendars and in case we missed something)
To submit an item for next week’s “WAG”, email MIDNIGHT THURSDAY

Monday, March 28
3:15-5:00PM – 7th-8th Grade Girls 1st Soccer Practice- Turn in all paperwork to pick up your orange slip
6th – 8th Boys and Girls Track –Turn in all paperwork to pick up your orange slip

Tuesday, March 29
7:15-8:00AM – 6th – 8th Boys and Girls 1st Track Practice –all paperwork must be turned in to pick up your orange slip
7:00-8:00AM – 6th Grade Girls Proud Dads Volleyball
8-8:20AM – Bagel sale in front of the media center by the 8th grade celebration committee
3:15-4:00PM – School store is open in the main hallway during choice hour
7PM -welcome reception at Seaholm for incoming principal Dee Lancaster-Seaholm Media Center
3:15-5:00PM – 7th-8th Grade Girls Soccer Practice

Wednesday, March 30
7:15-8:00AM – 6th – 8th Boys and Girls Track Practice
POPCORN Day – freshly popped popcorn is sold during Choice Hour for $1 in the main hallway
3:15PM – Girls Soccer Team Picture
3:15-5:00PM – 7th-8th Grade Girls Soccer Practice

Thursday, March 31
Market Day Orders Due
7:15-8:00AM – 6th – 8th Boys and Girls Track Practice
7:00-8:00AM – 6th Grade Girls Proud Dads Volleyball
9:30-11:00AM - BBFA Workshop - “Say Yes to No” , Gary M. Doyle Center
4:05-6:00PM – 7th-8th Grade Girls Soccer Practice
6:30-8:00PM – 3rd thru 8th Grade Proud Dad’s Baseball

Friday, April 1
Covington Technology Celebration Entry Forms Due Today
Trash Free Friday
4:05-6:00PM – 7th-8th Grade Girls Soccer Practice
Spring Recess Begins at 4:05PM

Saturday, April 2
4:00-5:00PM 3rd-8th Grade Proud Dads Sports Tennis, Birmingham Bubble/Racket Club: indoors


On Saturday, March 26th, our Middle School Science Olympiad Team competed against 30 schools from Oakland County. We placed 2nd overall and earned an invitation to the State Competition at Michigan State University on April 30th. The Alternate Team placed 4th overall.
Thank you to all of the parents that helped and a special thanks to Mrs. Brown and Mr. Emmi!!

The following students took home medals:

1st Place
Awesome Aquifer – Hannah Diehl & Will Trask
Battery Buggy – Nick Confer & James Rivard
Can’t Judge a Powder – Hannah Diehl & Will Trask
Dynamic Planet – Hannah Diehl & Will Trask
Meteorology – Bryce Owens & Adam Smith
Ornithology – Nitin Kumar & Bogdan Manga
Road Scholar – Don Rea & Adam Smith
Solar System – Hannah Diehl & Aaron Levett
Storm the Castle – Bogdan Manga & Bryce Owens

2nd Place
Bottle Rockets – Nick Confer & Michael Kmiec

3rd Place
Compute This – Aaron Levett & Noah Smith
Ecology – Hannah Diehl & Aaron Levett

4th Place
Optics – Michael Kmiec & Noah Smith
Picture This – Aaron Levett & Noah Smith
Write-It Do-It – Bryce Owens & James Rivard

5th Place
Experimental Design – Alison John, Maria Roma & Adam Smith
Shock Value – Nitin Kumar & Bogdan Manga
Tower Building – Don Rea & Maria Roma

6th Place
Science Crime Busters – Nick Confer & Nitin Kumar

The following students from the Alternate Team took home ribbons:

1st Place
Storm the Castle – Jacob Anderson & Chandler Roberts
Write-It Do-It – Jacob Dara & Marshall Ross

2nd Place
Shock Value – Varsha Kumar & Rohon Roychoudhury
Tower Building – Nicole Floyd-Stancil & Veronica Manson

3rd Place
Dynamic Planet – Jack Felch & Karlie Sherwood
Ecology – Nicole Floyd-Stancil & Jeremy Jack
Fossils – Nicole Floyd-Stancil & Brianna Williams
Junkyard Challenge – Jacob Dara & Nathan Sylvia
Optics – Nicole Floyd-Stancil & Brianna Williams
Picture This – Jacob Anderson & Trevor McMahon
Solar System – Jacob Anderson & Varsha Kumar

4th Place
Awesome Aquifer – Jack Felch & Karlie Sherwood
Battery Buggy – Trevor McMahon & Marshall Ross
Science Crime Busters – Jacob Anderson & Trevor McMahon

5th Place
Disease Detectives – Jacob Dara & Chandler Roberts
Experimental Design – Jacob Dara, Rohon Roychoudhury & Nathan Sylvia
Meteorology – Marshall Ross & Nathan Sylvia
Ornithology – Karlie Sherwood & Brianna Williams

6th Place
Anatomy – Jacob Anderson & Trevor McMahon
Can’t Judge a Powder – Jeremy Jack & Veronica Manson
Compute This – Natha Sylvia & Brianna Williams
Microbe Mission – Jack Felch & Chandler Roberts
Road Scholar – Varsha Kumar & Veronica Manson

Hot Entrée menu for the week: (subject to change, if necessary)
Available everyday: Pizza, Hamburger & Cheeseburger, Chicken Sandwiches, Nachos, Beef Soft Shell Tacos, Freshly Made Salads & Sandwiches, Garden Fresh Salad Bar
Monday –Whole Grain Pancakes or French Toast, Sausage, Fresh Fruit, BBQ Chicken Pizza
Tuesday –Whole Wheat Penne Pasta with Chicken and Alfredo, Garlic Toast, Steamed Broccoli, Nacho Supreme
Wednesday –Home-Style Turkey with Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Green Beans, Hawaiian Pizza
Thursday – BBQ Chicken, Side of Mac & Cheese, Flavorful Baked Beans, Chicken Enchilada
Friday –Bacon Cheeseburger, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Fresh Peas & Carrots, Meat Lover’s Pizza


Girls Soccer starts Monday, 3/28. Please make sure that all paperwork is completed so that you can pick up your orange slip to practice Monday. Check online for the practice schedule ( and registration information (! If paperwork is not completed and you have not turned in your orange slip to your coach, you cannot step on the field for practices.

Track starts Tuesday, 3/29. Practices will be held next week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday only) from 7:15-8:00 AM. Practices will resume the week after spring break at 6:45 AM every day. Please make sure that all paperwork is completed so that you can pick up your orange slip to practice Tuesday morning. Check online for registration information (! If paperwork is not completed and you have not turned in your orange slip to your coach, you cannot practice.

Choice Hour reminders – please call (248-203-4625), send in a note, or email Linda Stone at if your child is going to be absent from Choice Hour for any reason! Students that do not have Choice Hour on any given day need to be picked up by 3:20 PM. Students that do not have a Choice Hour class and are not picked up by 3:30 PM will be charged a $5.00 fee.
Thank you for always supporting the Choice Hour program!

The school store will close at the end of 3rd Quarter and will re-open 2nd Quarter of the 2011-2012 school year. Thank you for your patronage! Thank you also to Dawn Walton and her team of students for all of their hard work. If you would like to assist with managing the store during choice hour next year, please contact Gina Herdegen at or Dawn Walton at

The Birmingham Concert band has just announced that they will again be offering partial scholarships for summer music camps through the Birmingham Concert Band Scholarship Program. Eligible students must be currently enrolled in the BCS band program and plan to attend a summer music camp or school. Scholarship applications are available from Mr. Rodgerson and must be received by the Birmingham Concert Band by April 10th.

Please Nominate BCS PTSA Volunteer of the Year. Each year the BCS PTSA recognizes a volunteer who has committed time and effort on behalf of the BCS Community. Nomination should be emailed to PTSA Co-Chairs & We will present all names submitted and vote at the April 14 PTSA Meeting.

On Saturday, March 19th, thirty 4th and 5th grade students from BCS competed against eighteen teams at West Maple Elementary. The team worked hard and had a fantastic time. The following students brought home awards for their event.
1st Place
Tennis Ball Catapult – Lee B., Nolan G. & Alex R.

2nd Place
Starry Starry Night – Zoha S. & Emma L.
Water Rockets – Ariana A. Fatimah Z. & Kate A.
Wildlife Safari – Jessica F., Aliya H. & Ariana A.

6th Place
Circuit Wizardry – Lee Braisted & Nolan Grout
Mystery Architecture – Claire R. & Susan H.
Tennis Ball Catapult – Max C., Henry D. & Nate R.
Water Rockets – Emma Lucken, Zoha S. & Leila O.

Overall, BCS Team 2 placed 4th in the Competition!! GREAT JOB COBRAS

The Covington Technology Celebration is an opportunity to showcase the work of BCS students in all of the subject areas. Exhibits can reflect work done in class or as a special project. Past and present projects or displays are welcome from competitions, groups or individuals. There is no judging of “entries”, as this is not a traditional Science Fair. We want to see all types of 21st century learning and problem solving. Get ready for the CTC! More info to come...

Welcome Reception for Dee Lancaster –INCOMING PRINCIPAL of seaholm high school
The Seaholm PTSA invites you to formally welcome Dee Lancaster, incoming Seaholm principal.
Please join us for a welcome reception Tuesday, March 29th at 7 PM in the Media Center.
Stop by between 7-8:30 p.m. for dessert, coffee and casual conversation.
The reception is open to all parents, students,faculty and friends of the Seaholm family.

A Staycation Means Fun! Spring Recess Camps are being held on April 4 – 8, 2011 at West Maple Elementary School.
There are two different programs to choose from! High Touch High Tech Science Camp (grades K – 5; register each day individually or for all 5 days) or
Alpha Wolf Hoopmania Basketball Camp (grades 2 – 8; 5 day program)
Register on-line at or call 248-203-3800.

Open Gyms:
Mon. 3/28 6:30 - 8:00pm
Wed 3/30 6:30 - 8:00pm
Thu. 3/31 6:30 - 8:00pm
Mon 4/11 6:30 - 8:00pm
Try-Outs clinics:
Tues 4/12 6:30 - 8:30pm
Wed 4/13 6:30 - 8:30pm
Thu 4/14 6:30 - 8:30pm
Fri 4/15 6:30 - 8:30pm

Saturday 4/16 starts at 9:00am
Results will be posted by 8pm
All 8th graders planning on attending Groves and all current Groves girls can try out for Fall of 2011. Try outs are this spring. Open gym is an opportunity to learn the skills and moves for Pom. All will be held at Groves Pom Dance Studio.
Try-out Clinics is where you will learn your routine that you will do at the tryout on Saturday.
Any questions please contact Marybeth Wehbe, Booster President

The Birmingham Education Foundation's annual garage sale will be held Saturday, April 16 at Berkshire Middle School from 9 am to 3 pm, with early entry at 8 am for $1. Proceeds benefit programs throughout the school district.
Donation drops off at Berkshire:
Thursday, April 14 from 4 to 8 pm
Friday, April 15 from 10 am to 7 pm
Donations appreciated:
Clothing, furniture, toys, books, sports and exercise equipment, electronics, small appliance, pet, garden, and household items.
Tax forms available.
Questions or to volunteer please contact Jane Polan at 248 626-2231 or

Sunday, May 1 - Dr. David Larson and his wife are the Grand Marshalls and supported by Birmingham Public Schools and Bloomfield Hills Schools. For info:

Beverly Park - Saturday, August 20th, 2011, which also happens to be National Lemonade Day in the United States. Objectives: Provide an engaging learning experience for kids, Galvanize the community, Raise funds for education. To get involved: email or call 313-832-4376

In honor of our BCS "Green" practices, DTE Energy and the Detroit Red Wings would like to invite our families to the FIRST EVER "DTE Energy Go Green Night" at Joe Louis Arena! Save $32 per ticket package as you watch the Red Wings take on the St. Louis Blues on March 30th at 7:30 PM. Ticket packages include a Dearborn Hot Dog or Slice of Little Caesar's Pizza and a Pop! There will also be a "Going Green" T-Shirt give-away for the first 5,000 fans. DTE Energy will also have information booths, raffles and prizes, and information during the game on how to be more sustainable! Tickets can only be ordered by clicking Groups of 20 or more will receive an additional discount on ticket prices as well as recognition on the video screen for being "Green". Additional questions can be sent to: Justin Price at (313) 394-7154 or

Bloomfield Township is again inviting neighborhood associations, school and community groups and residents to participate in the sixth annual Clean Sweep weekend on April 16th. Attached is the flyer for our event.
The Clean Sweep program is designed to spruce up the right-of-way areas near safety paths, throughout neighborhoods and at the entrances to subdivisions within the Township. The event is a great way to get kids involved in conservation and for students to earn community service hours.
To participate, students are asked to register with the Department of Public Works by filling out the volunteer sign up sheet on the township website or by calling (248) 594-2800.
If you have any questions please let me know. Please be advised our office is closed on Fridays.
Thank you for your continued support.
Kimberly Sasser
Bloomfield Township DPW (248)-594-2800 ph (248)-594-2810 fax M-Th 7AM to 5:30PM (Closed Fridays)

Shades of Pink - 5th Annual Walk at the Zoo
BPS mom and cancer survivor, Jan Wade, is organizing the 5th Annual Walk at the Zoo with her Beaumont surgeon, Pamela Benitez, MD, to take place at the Detroit Zoo on Saturday, April 16th. This event is sponsored by the Shades of Pink Foundation which provides temporary financial assistance to women who are experiencing financial distress as a result of breast cancer. Whether it's helping with a mortgage payment, the grocery bills, or an insurance premium, the Shades of Pink Foundation is committed to easing the financial burden of a breast cancer diagnosis.
Preregistration is online now:
Adults: $35, Children 6-14: $25, 5 & under: FREE Your registration includes the whole day at the zoo! (Online and mail-in registration ends April 2nd; late registration at the zoo is welcomed and is an additional $5.)
Last year, more than 600 people walked! WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE

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