Monday, September 20, 2010

Mr. Manchester is G.E.E.K.ed

Mr. Manchester, new 3-8 P.E. Teacher is G.E.E.K.ed about the upcoming school year.
He describes a game he uses in his classes to work on problem solving, collaboration and communication!

Mission Impossible

Objective- Students will be able to work together as a group to accomplish the task of getting to the other side of the gym without touching the floor.

Materials Needed- Large mats, 2-4 scooters, 2-4 towels, Mission Impossible theme music

Lesson Steps-

1. The teacher will put students into groups of 7-10 on the baseline of the gym. The students will be instructed to get their team to the other side of the gym without touching the floor. At this time there is no equipment out, so the students think that it is IMPOSSIBLE.
2. The teacher will then get some mats out and place apart so that students cannot just jump to them. Then ask them if they can get across the gym without touching the floor using the mats. They will try and jump and see that they cannot do it with just mats.
3. The teacher will then get out one scooter for each team (students should already know scooter rules). Then get out the towels and show them how to scoot using the towels.
4. Then play the music and let the students figure out how to get everyone across the gym without touching the floor. The first team getting the whole team across wins.
5. The teacher must make sure students are playing with integrity. The students will accidentally touch the floor with hands and feet and not realize it, so the teacher will enforce the rules. If a student makes it across the gym and into the safe zone than they must stay there. They cannot keep going back and forth.

Variation- Students may not talk during the game. This helps to work on nonverbal communication and the students really enjoy that aspect. If during the game they get caught talking the whole team must start over from the beginning.

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