Monday, April 19, 2010

WAG April 19-23 (From Hal)

Dear BCS Families,

Growing up in the 21st Century has given today's youth a myriad of positive
learning opportunities. One of the most beneficial tools has been the ability to access information by just clicking a mouse. Our 3 E's(valuing education, environment, and each other) play a significant role in maintaining our culture and climate, especially the "E" of "valuing each other".

"Valuing each other" is an important character trait that we must encourage students to display through their words and actions. One avenue where students can display their mastery of this trait is through their use of the internet. While the internet may be used beneficially to access information via the web, it may also open the door to harmful social interaction as well. One of the main negative concerns is "Cyber Bullying". The following articles outline information that we can use to develop a culture which values and supports each other while addressing an increasing problem for today's youth.

The What, Where, and what to do of Cyber Bullying?

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying is defined as threats or other offensive behavior sent online to a victim or sent or posted online about the victim for others to see. (Wolak, Mitchell, Finkelhor et al., 2006).

• It can take the form of a message on email or IM or a social networking site from someone who is threatening to hurt you or beat you up.
• It might be rumors posted on your profile or spread online for others to see.
• It might be the deletion of you on a friend's "buddy list" to make you feel left out.
• It could be a profile made by someone pretending to be you.
• Or, someone hacking into your profile and writing comments pretending they're from you.

In general, cyber bullying is bullying or harassing that happens online.

Where does Cyber Bullying occur?

Including instant messaging, social networking sites, email, and chat
rooms. The most commonplace bullying occurs online is over instant
messenger, but it also can occur via other new technologies such as
text messaging and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

What to do about Cyber Bullying?

If you are being cyber bullied, there are things you can do to stop it:

• Ignore the person. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to ignore the person and go on about your business.
• Log-off if the harassment is bothering you.
• Block or delete the person. If it is happening on Instant Messaging or some other place online that requires a 'buddy list', you can block certain users based upon their username, or delete them if they are in your buddy list. You can also block emails that are being received from specific email addresses.
• Change your information. If someone has hacked into your profile, change your password. If someone repeatedly sends you messages (like,' add me to your buddy list' over and over), consider changing your username or email address.
• If there is a profile that was created about you without you knowing, contact the company who runs the site to have the profile or language taken off.
• If you are upset about what is being said, talk to someone you trust. Don't feel like you're alone.

When to talk to adults

There may be times that students are able to take care of the cyber bullying on their own. Sometimes, it gets out of hand though, and it's helpful to talk to an adult about what is going on. If student ever feels scared or overwhelmed, maybe even trapped, it's definitely time to talk to an adult.

If students don't feel comfortable speaking with a parent, seek out other adults or authorities like a teacher, coach, school counselor.

In closing, BCS continues to believe that as a school family we can leverage information, our relationship, and the 3 E's to empower our students to greater heights. As always, it continues to be a great joy working with the best students, staff and parents that make up the BCS family!

Hal and Adam

Monday, April 19- First Day of the fourth quarter
Vision screening for students in grades 3, 5,& 7
3: 20 – 4:05PM – Track Practice during choice hour
3:20-4:45PM – Girls soccer practice

Tuesday, April 20
8-8:20AM – Bagel sale in front of the media center by the 8th grade celebration committee
3:15-4:00PM – School store is open in the main hallway during choice hour
4:05-5:45PM – Girls soccer practice
4:10 – 5:15PM – Track Practice
6:30PM – Technology Committee Meeting
7:00PM - BPS Board of Education meeting at the BPS Administration building, 550 West Merrill Street, Birmingham. Watch it live on Comcast channel 17.

Wednesday, April 21
HALF DAY OF SCHOOL – Dismissal at 11:20AM. Busses are provided at the early dismissal time.
1-4 & 5-8 PM Student Led Conferences
1-8:00PM Book Fair in the Media Center
E-Bugle Published today!
4:00PM – Girls soccer games vs. East Hills Middle School @ HOME

Thursday, April 22
HALF DAY OF SCHOOL – Dismissal at 11:20AM. Busses are provided at the early dismissal time.
8:35AM – 5/6 Field Trip to the Palladium for OCEANS movie
1-4 & 5-8 PM Student Led Conferences
1-8:00PM Book Fair in the Media Center

Friday, April 23
Report cards released
3:45PM – Girls soccer game @ Cranbrook Middle School - Get directions at
4:00PM – Track meet BCS vs. Berkshire @ Groves High School

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