Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mr. Mixon's Science Class- Real Life Problems- Real Life Solutions!

George Mixon's students started this investigation with an internet search about pH and what it means to have pH balanced hair. The class had a 15 minute discussion as students continued to search, decide, explore and choose reputable sites that may provide them with the information needed. Once their discussion and exploration concluded, students were introduced to the probes and began graphing the pH levels of various shampoos using the data studio software.


  1. Dr. Randy Yerrick from the University of Buffalo facilitated a workshop on science, inquiry and technology for our 6th and 7th grade science teachers. His focus was on how computers, digital media, and probeware can transform science learning in the classroom. This is a great example of empowering students in the integration of appropriate technology tools as evidence of their findings in scienctific investigation.
    Dar Grunert K-12 Math/Science Facilitator

  2. Dar-
    Thank you for bringing Dr. Yerrick to Birmingham-Our science teachers found it relative and interesting.