Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BCS travels to Lansing!

BCS teacher Michelle Snyder took her 7th and 8th grade journalism class to the state conference in Lansing yesterday. The eleven student spent time in breakout sessions that covered anything from how to set up your newspaper to reporting environmental issues. Ms. Snyder and Mrs. Macksood, our building sub and yearbook advisor, spent an hour with other teachers and journalist discussing many topics related to teaching journalism in middle schools and high schools.

The picture above shows the students outside by the Lansing River enjoying lunch and a great day!

Ms. Snyder stated, "Allowing our students to be journalists gives them opportunities to critically assess the world around them and then report their observations in a meaningful format for their audience, the students of BCS. Yesterday, the students learned to do that a little bit better."

Look for the first issue of the Pulse in early December!

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