Thursday, August 13, 2009

Communication with Parents/Community

Mr. Heard and I attended the district workshop this morning regarding communication. I was pleased to have the opportunity to learn about the Birmingham Public Schools expectations and discuss with both Mr. Heard and Mrs. Best the great things BCS has done to communicate with our community. The major theme of the workshop was summed up by Dr. Larson when he explained that effective organizations take a look at what they are doing good and continue to work hard in order to make those positive characteristics better.

BCS, along with the district as a whole, is committed to moving forward in the area of communication. The satisfactory survey given last year showed BCS is meeting the communication needs of the parents with a 87% satisfactory rating. BCS scored a 41% rating in the area of Very Satisfied. While many organizations would be content with these results, we are already planning on working hard this year to bring those scores up considerably. Our goal is for 100% satisfactory.

I have included a link to a short video that is a good example of the benefits of parent/school communication and how important it is in a child's education. We all know how important it is -the hard part is moving forward and figuring our how to use today's tools to create new bridges, while maintaining the face to face environment that makes BCS such a great place to be!

This blog is an example of what we can now do as educators to keep parents up to date. Please continue to use this to gain insight on what goes on behind the scenes of BCS in order to make your child's education the best he or she can receive!

Have a great day!

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  1. Thanks for this post, I enjoyed this insight and feel as a BCS parent, that much of what is mentioned in the video is already in place at BCS. I am thankful for excellent communication between school and home.

    Although many teachers at BCS are very effective communicators, Lynne Parkin is a master!